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In Focus is our in-house magazine, designed as a quarterly guide to help you grow your business and your profits. It’s full of business news, financial advice and even has a calendar of essential dates for filing deadlines, reports and taxes. It’s also a great way to keep up with Randall & Payne and, best of all, it’s free and available online.

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In Focus 12 Spring 2017

In this issue:
- Spring Budget Day 2017
- A warm welcome to our latest Trainees
- Hobbs Bros. Ltd Journey
- Academies Update
In Focus 11 Winter 2016

In this issue:
- Does the thought of a 4 day week sound attractive?
- Baby Boomers ready to exit
- Tax advice
- Trainee Award Success
- Changes to the Flat Rate VAT
- The Autumn Statement
- Academies Update
In Focus 10 Autumn 2016

In this issue:
- Autumn Statement Invite
- R&D Cash not just for Tech Companies
- Vicky Link takes back the helm
- Cyber Security
- Estate Planning
In Focus 9 Summer 2016

In this issue:
- Profit or Perish?
- Sponsorship
- ATOL Auditing Success
- Limited benefits for Directors
- Will UK be frozen out of Europe?
In Focus 8 Spring 2016

In this issue:
- Budget Day Special
- Mind The VAT Gap
- Tax & Online Trading
- Existing After Exit
In Focus 7 Winter 2015

In this issue:
- New Randall & Payne Partners
- Autumn Statement 2015
- Will you be taxed out of Buy-To-Let?
- Getting the right finance for growth
In Focus 6 Autumn 2015

In this issue:
- Unlocking the Secrets of the Locked Box
- Support for childcare
- Shedding light on solar
- A new dawn for corporate finance
- Get ready for auto enrolment
In Focus 5 Spring 2015

In this issue:
- Budget Day Special
- Patent Box: Where are we going
- Focus on Stonehouse
- Why a Prescription might not fix your business
In Focus 4 Winter 2014

In this issue:
- Are you Eligible for R&D Tax Relief?
- The Importance of Forecasting when Securing Funding
- Academy Trust Advice
- Caring for Young Carers
- Autumn Statement
- Get set for the Budget
In Focus 3 Autumn 2014

In this issue:
- Export: Trading within Europe
- Academies Special: Workshops & More
- Charity Commission's Guidelines
- UK200Group Membership
- Auto-Enrolment
In Focus 2 Summer 2014

In this issue:
- Britain on a Budget
- Spotlight on Tewkesbury
- How to Reach the Top in Business
- Partnerships in Tax Equality
- Business Growth Accelerator
- Learning Outdoors: New Legislation
In Focus 1 Spring 2014

In this issue:
- WHC Builds Hire Success
- Advice that can help your Business Grow
- Gloucestershire's New Business Hub
- Quintessentially Cheltenham