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Financial planning

When it comes to planning your finances, the sooner you start the better. Making your money work hard for you throughout your life means that you’ll be able to take it much easier later on.

And it’s not just for yourself that you need to plan. Planning ahead for your children or grandchildren – for their university years, perhaps, or to help them get a first step on the property ladder – can start at birth, or even before, with the setting up of a trust.

Financial planning doesn’t stop when you’re no longer around either. Estate and inheritance tax planning can give you peace of mind now that the people you care about will be financially secure after you’ve gone.

We start the planning process by looking at your financial needs now and in the future and what you would like to achieve.

You’ll need to think about some big questions, including:
When would I like to retire?
Should I retire at the same time as my partner?
Will I retire fully or work part-time for a few years?
How much money will I need for a comfortable lifestyle
What happens if I get ill in the future and need long-term care?
Once we have built up a complete picture of your financial circumstances now, and where you would like to be later on in life, we’ll provide you with financial planning advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

Because everyone is different, our advice will vary from person to person but pensions, investments and protection are at the heart of financial planning.