By Richard Gray

Monday 4 June 2018 Workshops

Profit Improvement Workshop

Money is being wasted in your business every day. Eliminating this waste is one of the most effective ways to increase your business profit.

Our Profit Improvement workshop will help you identify the types of waste in your business, and equip you with effective tools and techniques to systematically remove this waste, releasing profit back in to your business in the process. 

We will guide you through a proven set of tools and methodologies to improve your profitability, which will include the following:

  • Profit Formula: Analysis of the underlying elements contributing to your profit, generating ideas for optimising sales, reducing overhead and decreasing variable expenses.
  • Seven Wastes: A powerful process from Toyota that focused on the 'seven wastes', identifying where waste is occurring in your organisation and developing removal strategies.
  • Practical Outcomes: Richard uses a unique set of tools to drive the profit improvement process and ensure that it simply becomes a blueprint for 'the way you do business'. 

Walk away with a clear and concise one page profit improvement plan for your business.

The workshop is Monday 4 June, 9am to 1pm, here at Chargrove House and is £195 +VAT (£234) per delegate on Eventbrite.

Please contact for more information or call 01242 776000.

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