Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – publication of employer data

We believe some of the first steps are being taken to help counteract fraudulent CJRS support claims for the protection of the Revenue as an amount of data is shared for transparency purposes.

HMRC have published details of employers who have made CJRS claims in relation to December onwards. The list presently uses PAYE scheme names (rather than the name of the employer) but we understand it will be expanded to include the company registration number and an indication of the value of the claim within different bandings in due course. The list is over 741,000 lines long which shows the extent of the claims being made under the scheme.

Employers will not be included if an application to be excluded is successful or if they have repaid CJRS claims in full by the relevant deadline.

We also believe that Employees’ Personal Tax Accounts will in future also include an indicator that their employer(s) has made a CJRS claim in relation to them.

It is interesting living in the digital age how quickly this data is available and shared, it gives an insight into how HM Revenue & Customs can use data in the background when carrying out checks.

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