COVID-19 Business Support Checklist


It is natural to feel a little overwhelmed in the current challenging environment. At Randall & Payne we are focused on doing what we can to support our clients and Gloucestershire businesses by cutting through the noise.

Our COVID-19 Business Support Checklist does just that by pulling together the key support options with links to further advice and other necessary actions into a single, actionable document.

You can download it here: Coronavirus Business Support – Help Available 020420

It will allow you to quickly:

  • Work out which support is right for you
  • Approximate the monetary value of the support and likely timing
  • Identify initial steps necessary to claim
  • Assign a member of your team to take responsibility
  • Agree next actions
  • Monitor progress

This guidance is based on information available at 1 April 2020. As the situation is ever changing and every business is unique, you must make your own enquiries as to the suitability or otherwise of any available support or alternative strategies.

If you have an questions about this checklist or you want to talk any of it through in relation to your business, please contact  or call 01242 776000 and our relevant expert will be in touch.