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October 3, 2018
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October 10, 2018
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03 Oct 2018

Bloxham PR

Kaylie Bloxham, a forward-thinking, ambitious entrepreneur, identified the need for business coaching support and saw our Business Leader High Growth Coaching as a way to build a resilient future.

Bloxham PR are experts in providing tailored approach to public relations and digital marketing for some of the powerful brands within the fashion and luxury lifestyle sectors. Kaylie Bloxham, Managing Director, has a talent for helping her clients build the conversation around their brand, elevating their brand presence within in their marketplace, and decided to apply this to her own business. Growing staff levels, expanding her client base and building resilience were her goals but, like all business owners, she struggled with finding the time to manage this whilst supporting her current client base.

Richard Gray, Business Advisory Manager, met with Kaylie for an initial free two-hour meeting which allowed him to learn more about the company and Kaylie’s goals for her business. He was then able to share the elements of the coaching process that would help to achieve these.



Tool used: NOW WHERE HOW

Work began to define and understand a future business model which focused on:

  • Vision for the business
  • Products and services 
  • Plan for growth

This coaching structure is used to establish what the business looked like now, what Bloxham PR would look like in one, two, and three years’ time and how we were going to make this a reality.



Tool used: One Page Plan

The one page plan allows us to hold ourselves to account, ensuring we do what is needed in order to grow by noting down the desired goals and setting actions needed to be taken to achieve these.



Tools used: One-to-one coaching, online coaching portal and peer-to-peer workshops.

Kaylie and her team all receive support from our Business coaching team with sessions held at Chargrove house, developing skillsets, encouraging a positive culture and encouraging a positive contribution for profitable growth from the whole team. Fully flexible coaching through the online portal and Skype allows Kaylie to access help when needed and deal with issues as they arise. Kaylie attends the quarterly Business Leaders Group which continues to develop her leadership skills and network with other business owners on a similar growth journey.

The story of change success for Bloxham PR

Working with the Randall & Payne coaching team, Kaylie has started to achieve the outcomes set out in the initial strategic plan:

  • Staffing levels have increased
  • New pricing structure has been achieved bringing prices in line with the quality service provided and putting the business in a better position to operate profitably
  • Introduction of a monthly retainer model and development of Kaylie’s leadership skills, making her a confident business leader

The core areas worked on involved productising their services portfolio, implementing processes to increase visibility internally, bringing the fees more in line with the service and ROI delivered to clients.

Having more structure and better processes allows Bloxham PR to be as agile as the clients they work with, to ensure they can continue to be proactive and adaptable in servicing their PR and communication requirements, and ultimately deliver the best results. 

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