Worcestershire academy Prince Henry’s High School is an “Outstanding” school, which aims to maximise opportunities for young people around the Vale of Evesham. We helped them to convert to an academy, providing them with the key information they needed to successfully maintain and develop their offering while remaining compliant.

For many years, Prince Henry’s has provided an exceptional education to young people living in the Vale of Evesham. The school approached us in 2011 and we provided them with support to become an academy trust. Since the school has become an academy, they asked us to ensure their compliance with the regulations from the YPLA/EFA/ESFA, and the school has continued to ensure that their educational activities and operations are of the very highest standard.

Our team helped with the school’s transition to an academy, which involved compiling various financial statements, system reviews and statutory audits. This gave us an in-depth insight into the school’s situation and goals, so we were able to understand their aspirations and provide the best advice.

Audit for Prince Henry's High School by Randall & Payne, Cheltenham accountants

Not only do we have expert insight into Prince Henry’s individual circumstances, but our team are also well aware of the differences in operating approaches between academies and local authority schools. This meant that we could tailor our approach to gain the information needed to support and reassure staff during the conversion, particularly in the area of internal assurance/responsible officer work.

As part of academy requirements, Prince Henry’s also needed to undertake internal assurance reviews on the delegated powers from the ESFA and governors. As part of this, we provided assessment on the following areas:

  • Safeguarding
  • Pupil attendance
  • Appraisal
  • Project spending, primarily around CIF
  • Investments

This allowed us to give the governors an independent view on whether the new policies had been implemented correctly, embraced by the management team and staff, and were working well in practice. As we work with a wide range of academies, and are connected to the UK200 group, we were able to provide suggestions for best practice from both the education sector and our wider commercial experience.

Audit for Prince Henry's High School by Randall & Payne, Cheltenham accountants

We continue to work with Prince Henry’s, helping to keep them compliant through audits and evaluations, as well as being involved in more diverse investigative and review work and further due diligence work.

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