Ethan King


Trainee Accountant

Ethan joined as an accounts trainee straight from school and his eagerness to learn and share his insights has been instrumental in the improvements implemented in the department.

He happily shares ideas, whether it’s the way we work, socialise or fundraise for our chosen charity. Ethan enjoys spending time with friends and watching football.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Shaun Pegler and the team at Randall & Payne for always being there and for the invaluable support they give to me and the Applied Change team. They regularly go above and beyond and recently have delivered quickest turn round in year-end accounts so far, including an R&D tax credit. In my case, they haven’t just talked about clients’ success they have actually delivered it, time and time again and in all areas of finance, from tax to payroll to year-end and now book-keeping too. Thank you all and looking forward to continuing to raise the bar together!

Mark Vincent, Director

Applied Change Ltd