Nathan Smith


Audit Manager

Nathan has worked his way up to Audit Manager and plays a key role managing the ever increasing audit portfolio.

Through his role as Club Secretary and former Captain of Shurdington Rovers Football Club, Nathan is strong at supporting the team and leading from the front. As an avid Liverpool fan, he certainly knows how to deal with the success and pressure that comes with being part of a top team!

Randall & Payne have been a valued partner during a period of significant change and growth, helping us overcome many challenges covering a wide range of financial reporting, systems, controls, and corporate governance issues. Their approach to the audit is efficient and appropriately risk-based, and they have always worked collaboratively with us to meet the reporting deadlines of our parent company. I have been impressed by the staffing consistency of the audit team, which helps a lot in terms of efficiency and knowledge sharing and it is apparent that as a firm Randall & Payne treat their people well.

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