Are you getting the most out of your people?

When I ask business leaders about the issues which keep them awake at night, they often mention ‘people performance’ as a concern, and it often remains a concern because they perceive it as being challenging to address.

Many don’t realise that the complicated mix of human emotions which bring about endless challenges can easily be overcome.

Others are perfectly happy with the current performance of their people and teams and are unaware that they could be getting even more from them by making a few simple changes.

The title of my next EPIC Business Leaders’ Workshop; ‘People Performance: How to do less but get more from your people and teams’, is about recognising the strengths within your teams and understanding what motivates them, and quite simply doing less to achieve more. People are overwhelmed in the current fast-paced business environment, so to get high performance, we need to look at what we need to do less and not more of.

To set the scene we will discuss the biggest people and team performance challenges with those in the room. Often these are very similar in nature and a theme will soon appear. We will run through the six big areas of people and team inefficiency and I will identify some simple opportunities to improve in areas of communication, capability, leadership and more.

We will work together to solve the biggest people or team challenges of those in the room with the aim that delegates will walk away with practical solutions to take back into their businesses for themselves to improve their people and team performance.

See our events page for more information about this EPIC Business Leaders’ workshop titled ‘People Performance: How to do less but get more from your people and teams’.

Will Abbott is head of Business Advisory and an expert in offering businesses advice about developing their people – if you would like to arrange an informal chat with Will over a coffee call 01242 776000 or email