If there’s any certainty in life, it’s that you’re going to have to pay taxes at some point. Our expert team untangle the complications, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you only pay what you need to.

Tax legislation has more than doubled over the last ten years and continues to change at every turn. It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with, so you need experts who know what’s going on, what your responsibilities are, and how tax might affect you or your business.

Tax planning

The earlier you take tax into consideration, the easier it is to save. Our bespoke tax planning starts with an understanding about you, your circumstances and your goals – whether those are your business goals or your personal goals.

With that in mind, we provide proactive, ethical tax advice, with the aim of legitimately minimising tax liabilities while meeting your objectives.

Tax compliance

It’s not just about ticking boxes on a return any more. With the Government’s Making Tax Digital legislation just around the corner, HMRC will begin to demand more information. It’s even more important to make sure you’re making the correct submissions to minimise any additional scrutiny and avoid paying any hefty fines.

By working with our tax team, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll give HMRC all the relevant information at the right time. With sound advice, we’ll not only minimise your tax, but we’ll also reduce the risk of any tax investigations.

Whether you need assistance with VAT, R&D tax relief, corporate tax issues or personal tax questions, our experts are here to help. Call us today on 01242 776000 or complete the enquiry form below to see how we can help.

How else can we help?

Our tax experts can offer advice and assistance in a wide variety of specialist areas. Click on the icons below to find out more.

  • Harker Properties, client of Randall & Payne, Gloucestershire

    We have worked with Randall & Payne for a number of years, but recently expanded our relationship by using their expertise to purchase a business property that was planned for a long-term let. The firm recommended we take a particular course with regards to capital allowances that, at that time, we were unaware of. It was discovered that we could save a considerable sum and, thanks to the keen interest they took in our business operations as a whole, they have enabled us to make future tax savings for a number of years.

    Louisa Harker – Harker Properties

  • Converge, client of Randall & Payne, Gloucestershire

    I have been a client of Randall & Payne’s for many years now, both for personal and company accounting services, and I cannot fault them. The firm is excellent across the spectrum, from business leadership coaching and financial planning to practical tax advice. I feel I know the advisers personally now and am always met with the same level of professionalism and friendliness. Even when I feel I may be asking very ‘simple’ questions, they still make me feel valued.

    Bridgette Smith – Converge Technology Ltd

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