Even though it may seem like a faraway prospect, succession is an important stage of your business that requires careful planning from day one.

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When you’re ready to move on from your business, you need to know that it’s in safe hands – either continuing on as normal with the right team in place, or being sold to a profitable enterprise that will make a success of it.

As part of our business advisory services, we encourage all organisations that we work with to prepare a workforce plan as a map for the future. This quickly highlights gaps in succession plans and points to critical bottlenecks in capacity – many CEOs realise why they are so busy after this exercise!

Once the gaps are identified, we can help develop plans to address them. A key part of this is developing the capability of your people so you know that they can handle the business in a way you’ll be proud of.

Our EPIC programmes include coaching and access to our online personal development platform, so your teams can build their leadership and management skills in a way that suits their needs and time.

With a comprehensive succession plan, we find that many business owners have a shift in priorities – when the business is being run so well, there’s less incentive to sell. Don’t fall into the trap: this is probably the best time to sell, as your business will be more attractive and therefore at its most valuable!

If you decide to make a disposal, our experienced corporate finance team can provide invaluable advice and offer a complete cradle-to-grave service.

Family Businesses

Did you know that two thirds of businesses in the UK are family businesses? In addition to the challenges of running a successful business, family involvement can add an extra layer of complexity, with the need to manage potential conflict between the business goals and longer-term family goals.

We run a specialist programme for families in business, which includes specific, proven tools to help you put a structure in place and processes to deal with those unique challenges, including succession.


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