It is well established that only 30% of change projects succeed at the first attempt. Imagine the time, energy and resources that are wasted through repeated attempts to make change stick.

Change Success

New research by Dr Chris Mason shows that there are three main factors contributing to change success:

  1. Readiness – How ready your organisation and people are to implement change?
  2. Capability – Does your organisation have the skills, people, training and resources you need to do it?
  3. Beliefs – What is the overall attitude of the organisation to the change you’re trying to make?

As part of our EPIC programmes, we help you to understand where the weaknesses are in your organisation, which initiatives to prioritise based on likelihood of success, and which strategies to adopt to improve the agility of your business.

If you want to understand more about your probability of change success, take five minutes to complete our online diagnostic today.

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