Selling your business

After many years of success, there may come a time when you look to sell your business or part of your organisation. If you decide to undergo a disposal, you’ll need a safe pair of hands to ensure you achieve the best possible value.

Whether you are actively seeking a buyer and require a full sale mandate or have already been approached by an interested party and just need an advisor, our specialist team can guide you through the disposal process and help you achieve the best deal. And, thanks to our years of experience and considered approach, we have an enviable transaction completion record.

Our approach

If we’re approaching the disposal with a full sale mandate, we concentrate on four key areas. For clients who require our help in an advisory capacity, we can step in later on the process.

Identifying potential buyers
Our comprehensive network of professional contacts, corporate finance faculty groups and databases, combined with market research, allows us to create a carefully researched list of potential buyers.

Preparing and sharing initial documentation
We prepare and send out anonymous business opportunity documents (or ‘teasers’) to an agreed list of potential buyers. Once parties have shown interest, completed a vetting form and have signed a non-disclosure agreement, we provide them with a pre-prepared information memorandum that provides further insight. This document allows potential buyers to formulate an initial offer for consideration.

Due diligence ‘dry run’
Interested parties will want to complete a due diligence process themselves, so we implement a ‘dry run’ process, allowing us to identify any problem areas you may have missed before the buyer’s adviser completes their due diligence. This dry run also enables us to get important information ready in plenty of time, and speeds up the rest of the sale process.

Managing the deal
We then handle the deal, looking after everything from communications and reviewing legal documents to transaction management and troubleshooting. Our team ensure that the momentum is kept up, your transaction is as tax efficient as possible, and that everything makes commercial sense.

We minimise the number of full sale mandates we work on at any one time to provide our clients with the best possible service. Clear timescales and processes are the key to a successful company disposal, so we keep every party aware of what’s happening and the deadlines to which we are operating.

Post-exit planning

Following a business sale, new challenges will arise due to changes in the taxation of your affairs, particularly in regards to your inheritance tax position. Therefore, we engage with clients early on, before any sale completes, to ensure that effective tax planning can be undertaken and risks are mitigated. Having these early conversations avoids any undue delays in implementing gifts, planning around the use of trusts or in new company set ups.

In addition to the change in tax, it is likely that, following a sale of a business, a significant part of your income stream will have been lost. Therefore, the proceeds you received following a business sale need to work hard form the outset. Where our clients require investment advice, our team will refer the client to an Independent Financial Adviser, authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).

Find out more

If you aren’t currently one of our clients, we’re happy to work on a limited engagement basis and have a flexible approach to our fee structure. Before we begin, we’ll meet with you on a no-obligation basis to discuss your plans and get a feel for the transaction.

If you would like to discuss a potential sale or chat through the options available to you, call Ollie Newbold on 01242 776000 or fill in the enquiry form below.

How else can we help?

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