A business valuation typically assesses the price that a business would achieve from negotiations between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

Our Promise

Having completed numerous valuations over the years, we have a breadth of experience undertaking valuations in fluctuating economic conditions.  This knowledge and experience allows us to thoroughly consider whether the valuation of the business we have arrived at ‘feels right’.

We invest a significant proportion of our time gaining a clear understanding of the companies we are valuing and focus on real-life data by researching recent transactions in the market sector.  Working with a wide variety of clients for all valuation bases, our team have a tried-and-tested approach which leaves our clients assured that their valuation is based on key supporting evidence.

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Our Process

Without extensive research and company fact finding, it is hard to gauge an accurate understanding of a business and identify the areas of weakness which may be having a detrimental impact on value. Our valuations not only look at your business and the inherent factors which may be making your business more or less valuable, we also look specifically at the industry as well as the wider economy to support the valuations and consider external impacts. We subscribe to a trusted market research site and a transaction database in order to gain a full understanding of the industry and look at recent transactions that have occurred within your sector. This gives us a realistic view of the structure and value of the transactions that are being undertaken. By adopting this approach to valuations, our clients can be assured that their valuation is based on key supporting evidence.


It’s unlikely that the guide price will represent the true market value of the business you’re planning on acquiring, but we want you want to be confident that you’re making the best possible offer. We’ll review the financial and non-financial information available and provide you with a report highlighting the fair value, key points and any value drivers associated with the business, giving you total confidence to put in an offer.

Benefits of having a Valuation

Maximising Value: Valuations are an ideal method of identifying which aspects of your business are driving value up and areas of weakness that may be eroding value. By identifying these factors, you are positioned to focus on the changes that need to be made in order to have the best chance of receiving the maximum consideration when you decide to sell.

Strategy: By analysing the current economy and market conditions, specifically in the sector you are operating in, you can gain an understanding of where your business fits within the market. From this, you are able to identify and focus on strategies that will enable you to adapt to the current climate rather than be adversely affected by it.

Legal: We are often engaged by lawyers to undertake valuations for use in probate, divorce proceedings and as Expert Witnesses, producing reports in a concise and understandable manner.

Our Valuation reports

We offer two types of valuation report:

Short Form:  This is typically 2-3 pages long and provides the overall value of the entity, summarising the key points that have been considered in determining a value, taking in to account the most appropriate valuation approach.  In arriving at a value, we research sector specific transactions that have been undertaken in recent years as we believe that these provide the best supporting evidence.  Additionally, we address the industry outlook as well as the wider economy and consider how this may have an impact on value.

Long Form:  This report is a more in depth version of the short form report and provides further analysis of the valuation process.  A greater depth of explanation is given in respect of the effect that each contributing factor has had on the valuation and we will identify aspects of your business that are improving or eroding value.  This report type provides the greatest strategic value as the output can directly filter into actions to increase business value.


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