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VAT is time-consuming, complex and challenging, and can have a huge impact on your business. That’s why we’re here to help you get it right.

Our Promise

It’s almost impossible to know how every aspect of VAT will affect you and your business – that’s where our experts come in. With vast experience across many sectors, including groups, charities, construction and travel, we’ll take the complexity out of your VAT, ensure that you stay compliant, and provide certainty that you’ll only pay the VAT that you owe.

Our Services

We regularly carry out reviews for all our clients as a matter of course to ensure they’re making the best use of the different VAT accounting schemes available.

What we can help you with:

  • VAT registration and claiming pre-registration VAT
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration
  • Attendance at, or assistance with, HMRC inquiries
  • Day-to-day VAT issues
  • Error correction

Group Structures

If you have a group structure in place, could a VAT group be the best approach for your organisation? While a group structure provides useful administrative savings and can help cash flow, there may also be disadvantages, as all companies in the group are jointly liable for any VAT debt. We assess the risks with you and provide valuable advice on how best to structure your VAT as part of a group.

Partial Exemption

If your business, or charity, makes both taxable and exempt supplies, it will fall under partial exemption rules, which involves complicated calculations to ensure that the right amount of VAT is reclaimed and declared to HMRC.

We take the complexity out of it all and provide more certainty to your VAT returns. If required, we can review the basis of apportionment to ensure you are maximising your VAT relief and can advise on and enter in negotiations with HMRC to agree a special method.

Construction, land and property

Due to the size of many construction projects, VAT can be a significant element and, depending on circumstances, you could be charged at a number of different rates.

There are also lots of other pitfalls that can cause plenty of headaches in the Construction and Land & Property sector, such as the Capital Goods Scheme or the Option to Tax. We guide you through all the regulations and red tape, structuring the project correctly to make sure that you only pay what you need to.

Charities and academies

VAT is one of the more challenging and complex aspects of taxation for charities and academies, with many bespoke tax reliefs available that aren’t widely known about. Our experts will clarify any specific VAT treatment you need to consider and suggest ways of maximising your VAT recovery.


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