Dave Walker

Tax Manager

Following a spell with HMRC, Dave worked with Little and Company for 33 years before joining Randall & Payne mid 2021. He works within the Tax team, in his words; “on anything tax related”.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys walking and cycling on the Isle of Wight where he lives, describing himself as an ‘overner’ (a person who is not a native of the Isle of Wight; a visitor from the mainland). He is also involved in local politics and volunteers for Citizens Advice.

They have taken care of all the ‘less exciting’ yet immensely important parts of running a business, making sure all the accounting boxes are ticked and highlighting opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. Shaun is great to work with. Whilst incredibly professional and thorough, he still has a sense of humour which makes meetings a pleasure instead of a chore.

The support we have received Shaun and the rest of the team has allowed us to focus on our real strengths… riding bikes, (falling off bikes), making great films and sharing our passion for ebike adventures.

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Dan Radford, Head Honcho