Dave Walker

Tax Manager

Following a spell with HMRC, Dave worked with Little and Company for 33 years before joining Randall & Payne mid 2021. He works within the Tax team, in his words; “on anything tax related”.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys walking and cycling on the Isle of Wight where he lives, describing himself as an ‘overner’ (a person who is not a native of the Isle of Wight; a visitor from the mainland). He is also involved in local politics and volunteers for Citizens Advice.

Randall & Payne have been our accountants, auditors and financial advisors for well over 25 years and continue to be a trusted partner. They act quickly and efficiently, covering all aspects of the fiscal side of our business, including administering our payroll, looking after our tax affairs, year-end accounting and financial planning. As we look to the future, we are happy in the knowledge that Randall & Payne will be working with us to face the challenges ahead.

Andrew Growcoot

Beta Marine