Financial forecasting is an invaluable tool for businesses large and small, helping you set important goals and making sure you’re on track for the future.

Our Promise

To provide maximum value, we present a best, worst and expected case scenario. We also assess the sensitivity of the forecast – for example, how much income needs to fall by or costs need to increase by to impair financial performance. Finally, we create an assumptions document, so that an independent reader can understand the basis upon which the forecasts were prepared.


Forecasting is useful for several aspects of your business, including:

  • Understanding break-even points and minimum profitability requirements
  • Highlighting the importance of credit control policies and the direct impact on cash flow
  • Finding out whether your business could borrow or raise funds
  • Target setting for individual teams within your company
  • Highlighting underperforming aspects of your business

Our corporate finance specialists are experienced in preparing financial forecasts for a wide range of purposes, and, where possible, utilise real-time cloud-based technology to obtain an ‘up to the minute’ assessment of current financial performance.

Forecasting for credit facilities

Our forecasts are often used as part of applications for credit facilities. We have an excellent working relationship with many banks and prepare our forecasts in a way that banks welcome and expect, which often helps to hasten the application process.

Alongside our forecasting service, we can also assess any of your internally produced documents and review them for accuracy. We often report to banks on client-prepared forecasts, ensuring that applications for credit are robust.

If you are not currently one of our clients and are solely seeking more specialist advice, we’re happy to work on a limited engagement basis for this specialist advice. Whether you’d like us to conduct a full forecast or just assist with a few queries, our team are happy to help.


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