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Completing the puzzle to ensure the continued success of your business


The picture of any business will be ever-changing due to political, environmental and competitor changes, and patterns emerge that when pieced together continues your business on the path to success.

When completing a set of accounts we will get to know the true strengths and weaknesses of a business and piece together a picture to help it reach its true heights.

All companies, regardless of size, are required to submit statutory accounts to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), so being able to rely upon your accountant to recognise the potential risks, see ways to improve financially, as well as realising your business’ growth potential, makes this compliance requirement worthwhile.

What makes us different

  • At our monthly, quarterly or annual client meetings we discuss results and highlight risk or contentious issues, provide an opportunity to talk through ideas and plans they have so that we come up with practical solutions. We work together to make sure what they want to achieve becomes a reality.
  • Using the most up-to-date accountancy software we show clients a real-time picture of how their business can achieve its full potential. We aim to empower them to make better business decisions using data analytics and performance improvement insights that will improve profits and drive growth. This software will also enable them to access the right kind of funding at the best time for their business.
  • We can use information such as estimated increased gross profit margin, market share, cash flow, etc. so we can illustrate how the business could grow and offer expert business advice to our clients.

Building on strong foundations

The profits should increase and, as they grow, it’s smart to have absolute control and visibility of your business. You need to make sure that the business is set up in a tax-efficient way and that you can make sound management decisions based on accurate, timely figures.

The balance sheet and profit and loss statements created for a set of accounts identify the key areas of your business that, when evaluated, form the picture of whether your business is in a healthy state or whether there are areas for concern.

We have an experienced team who work with information in the balance sheet and profit and loss statement, using the latest technology to detect trends. This analysis identifies any weaknesses that can affect the true strength and continued success of our clients’ businesses. This ‘detective’ work is like putting together a puzzle, that when completed is the picture of the best their business can, and should be.

We identify patterns by looking at areas such as cash flow, gross profit margins, staff turnovers and gaps, customer vulnerabilities, etc. Using our team’s experience and knowledge we use this information and prioritise these areas of our client’s business and offer practical advice.

Why we do the detective work for you

Your skills and energy are better focused on making your business succeed and getting your products and services to market, so we piece together the puzzle based on your company financial information. Working together means no area of your business is neglected to the detriment of future growth.

Why do we do it? Because we make your success our priority.

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