Complimentary online courses


Now is the perfect time for your staff with time on their hands or facing new challenges to learn new skills and work on their personal development.

As a proactive measure, in conjunction with our partner, Mindshop, we are offering two complimentary online courses per individual who are not already a Mindshop Online user (Mindshop Online users already have access to all online courses included).

Who is eligible?

You and your staff are able to access two courses of your choice from the list of 18 courses which cover different levels and topics. These range from foundation courses such as Problem Solving and Strategic Planning, as well as a host of advanced courses covering topics like Personal Resilience, Profit Improvement, Leadership Development and Growth Strategy. There are also a selection of specialist courses including Developing Strategy in Volatile Times, Lean Management, Self Confidence and Sales Performance. The full list of courses is available to download here.

The two courses you select do not have to be for the same team member – please confirm name and course for each person.

How do I access the complimentary courses?

  • Email your full name and two chosen courses to
  • Please allow 2 working days for access to be granted
  • You will receive an email with your login details

When is the deadline for requesting access to online courses?

To be eligible for the two complimentary online courses, you need to be enrolled by 5pm on May 29 2020.

How long will you have to complete your complimentary courses?

Access to the two complimentary online courses will be available until 5pm on October 30 2020.


Will Abbott heads up our Business Advisory team and is happy to help with any coaching needs. For any of our services please contact or call 01242 776000 and you will be introduced to our relevant expert by email or a call back.