Photo of HW Smith & Sons with Tim Watkins
Category: Expert Opinion

In times of uncertainty we are not standing still


We all thrive on certainty, isn’t it about time we had some? As we begin 2020, what we can be certain of is, that we will all have challenges to overcome.

The new year brings new challenges and we see plenty of changes on the horizon. We can be certain that technology will continue to race ahead and our world of accounting will be as affected as other sectors. Products that link with Xero, Quickbooks and Sage Business Cloud pop up almost every day and are there to help manage and control almost every aspect of business affairs.

Within Randall & Payne we are embracing technological advances to enhance our professional advice to our clients. New accounting software is being used to identify patterns which can show areas to be looked at and the changes that could be made to improve business. Using software to demonstrate the improvements, we work with many of our clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Many of us have our own ways to monitor the performance of our businesses, ways that have arisen over the years and sometimes require time to produce the information we want. With Cloud Accounting we can now do two things. Help you get the information you need to know each month to make sure you are on track to achieve those goals. Help you to get that information in a timely manner so you have more time available to work on the business and for the things that matter to you. Our case study featuring Officeworx helps to demonstrate the major advantages of their migration to Xero.

One of the most precious commodities for us all is time. We can’t make more of it yet we all have things we want to do inside and outside of work. Let us help you make the most of your time and make the best use of technology. After all, before we know it, we will be taking on the challenges of 2021.


Tim Watkins is Managing Partner and his specialism is agriculture so he looks after our farming clients – you can contact him on 01242 776000 or to arrange a chat over a coffee.