Protect Your Future campaign

Adapt your Business to Protect Your Future


Now is the time to adapt to future proof your business.

The Government have provided the financial lifelines to help your business through these abnormal times and using the funds simply to manage your cash flow is missing a big opportunity to protect the future of your business.

Investing time now to save your business, to future proof it and adjust to the ‘new normal’, is far better than having to start again. By taking action you will ensure you both survive and thrive

Our Covid support package, Project Thrive, is an opportunity to work with us to focus on the key steps you need to adapt your business. Using the Government funding to remodel and come back stronger will protect both your business and your future.

Kick off with a free 30 minute advice clinic with Will Abbott to talk through where you are, and offer you the opportunity to get to where you want to be. Will is an award winning business coach and experienced Mindshop Expert, and he’ll add insights and an external viewpoint which will help you see things differently.

A new client did just that and is looking forward with optimism:

Given the huge uncertainty around Covid, we wanted to stay ahead of the game and contacted Will after a recommendation from a contact. We needed to explore multiple possible scenarios to help determine our strategies. Will and his team responded quickly, talked to us in a way we could understand and helped us identify the key risks and variables. We now have a clear way forward and are looking forward to working with Will as he helps us implement efficiencies in our business to ensure we beat our targets.”

Mark Williams
MD, Clifton Cameras Ltd

You have the time and resource to save your business, what you do with it could be the difference between protecting your future or having to start again.

Call and book a free 30 minute advice clinic with Will Abbott on 01242 776000 and continue on your drive for lasting business success.