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Protrack Solutions award-winning product is soon to hit the market

Protrack Solutions Ltd scooped the Business Innovation award at the GloucestershireLive Business Awards 2019.  Their award-winning product will be ready to sell this summer – here’s an update on what they’ve achieved since their win and what particularly impressed the judges at the time…

Protrack have have moved their project on tremendously since the proof of concept and went on to win funding from Innovate UK for their product, now called BioStart Security (previously known as ProDrive). They are in serious talks with Amazon UK about potential implementation into their fleet and are seeking a serial investor to move to next stages. Protrack will be ready to sell the product this summer with huge potential.

A reminder of why Protrack won the Innovation Award in 2019

Key business points:
  • Protrack are GPS tracking specialists and have recently innovated into a bespoke software solution provider mainly for the fleet industry.
  • Family run business based in the heart of Gloucester.
  • Founded by Kevin Pope in 2010 after 15 years of experience in the industry working for many of the national players.
The winning entry:

Protrack are known for breaking the barriers of innovation with many patents to their name that solve numerous issues for commercial businesses.

The judges were impressed by Protrack’s project, known then as the ProDrive Security System but renamed BioStart Security, which solves the issue of thefts of delivery vehicles as a result of drivers leaving the keys in the vehicles and often leaving the vehicles running.

BioStart Security will detect when a driver exits the vehicle then automatically, and safely, shuts down the engine. When the driver returns, it can only be restarted if the driver is authorised as a biometric user.

Their system records a fingerprint which can be sent to any vehicle which has their solution professionally installed. Drivers can be added, removed and suspended by an administrator using a security protected app. The BioStart Security system can be overridden remotely if the vehicle requires a service, has an accident or simply needs to be driven by an unauthorised user. Driver identification is recorded for each journey.

Protrack are in talks with numerous courier companies who are trialling the product and in discussion with insurance underwriters and brokers about attracting insurance discounts. At this early stage the BioStart Security system appears to be the answer to a worldwide problem with a pending patent.

Protrack are not afraid to tackle high risk, highly technical projects, however they are careful to calculate and ensure the success of the end product. They have already produced the award winning OCS (One Core Software) Modular Fleet Management solution incorporating bar code scanning, daily vehicle checks, compliance checks, service module, driver licence checks and electronic job scheduling to name a few and a new lone working and remote clocking in solution for businesses with remote employees. Protrack constantly update their existing systems to keep ahead of the ever growing minefield of telemetry and fleet management systems.

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