Gloucestershire Business Awards 2018 Business Innovation winner Salpo Technologies Ltd
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Spotlight on Business Innovation


Meet the software company helping firms realise their potential

With the fast pace in which businesses must navigate through new technologies, policies and protocols, showing innovation is of key importance to a company in today’s market.

The Gloucestershire Business Awards recognises this with the Business Innovation accolade which last year was scooped by Salpo Technologies Ltd.

Here’s how they won the title:

Salpo Technologies Ltd – Winner of Business Innovation 2018

Key business points:

  • An innovative software development company, focused on helping businesses solve critical challenges to realise their potential.
  • Established in 2007 with its HQ in Cheltenham
  • 60-strong team of developers, delivery experts and support staff
  • Driven by innovation and meeting clients’ unique business needs

The winning entry:

Salpo pooled their considerable experience and technical expertise to build a modular software platform, with the flexibility to be moulded to almost infinite applications – a recent example providing a robust solution for GDPR.

Complex challenges are tackled with their CRM business platform, custom software, enterprise-grade apps and flexible development resource. They harness software solutions to help clients develop better business processes, increase efficiency and productivity, improve customer engagement, drive sales and sustain growth.

Innovation is the lifeblood of the business. Salpo hold an annual Innovation Day, when staff are encouraged to contribute ideas and question everything. Significant budget is devoted to exploring new directions – this research and development is crucial to the business, along with customer feedback on both current and planned products.

There isn’t a written innovation policy, but it’s in the company DNA and an integral part of Salpo culture. The management mantra is empowerment, of employees and clients alike.