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Sustainable manufacturing – how G-TEM used innovation and local expertise to secure its future in Gloucestershire

The Made in Britain award went to G-TEKT Europe Manufacturing (G-TEM) Ltd, a Japanese-owned company employing 550 people locally.

G-TEM have shown consistency in their approach to developing and pushing the boundaries of business excellence, resulting in financial growth by securing business from a leading electric vehicle manufacturer. They have invested significantly in environmental projects and renewable solar energy to secure their long-term self-sustainability.

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  • G-TEM are a Japanese-owned company based on the Gloucester Business Park since 1996.
  • The company supplies metal pressings and welded assemblies to a variety of world-leading automotive manufacturers.
  • They have a proven long-term track record of innovation and continual improvement to ensure a high-quality product is manufactured at their state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Plan to achieve Net Zero by 2035, minimising environmental impact.

The winning entry:

As a key supplier to UK automotive companies, G-TEM supplies pressed metal components and welded assemblies on a variety of vehicle models. In 2021, a change in market conditions resulted in a loss to the business and its workforce.

G-TEM recognised the situation as an opportunity for growth and evolution. They were required to diversify and react to this change in business conditions. Their strategic plan included 3 key areas:

  1. Target new business, specifically OEMs with electric vehicles
  2. Energy management and long-term sustainability
  3. Enhancement in corporate identity

Securing New Business

G-TEM began commercial discussions with a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in late 2021 with a view to supply pressings and welded assemblies for their upcoming SUV model. To supply this customer, G-TEM were required to demonstrate a 100% green supply chain, their activities included significant investment in renewable solar energy and a variety of other initiatives such as the elimination of natural gas consumption and a review of all working practices to ensure efficient energy utilization.

Supplying the new customer’s factory in Germany also presented logistical challenges, however. In 2022, G-TEM were nominated to become the first significant supplier of body-in-white components from the UK into their gigafactory, which was a major achievement in their history.

Energy Management and Long-Term Sustainability

Investment in new technologies – two 1MWH solar arrays provide clean, green renewable energy, targeting a significant reduction in scope 2 emissions with a total reduction of 1119 tons of carbon per year. G-TEM recognize that it is vitally important to have the capability for the self-generation of electricity. The installation of their solar arrays ensures less grid dependency for the next 25 years.

This supported the business direction of a migration away from the consumption of natural resources and overall self-sustainability with an initial investment of around £1.3 million and was fully commissioned by December 2022. A phase 2 expansion of another 2MWH with a further £1.3 million investment followed in July 2023.

During working hours, they are off grid at their two Gloucester facilities when renewable energy production is at 50% capacity of the arrays, ensuring a good supply of green renewable energy into the grid, and supporting the local infrastructure.

Enhancement in Corporate Identity

G-TEM are dedicated to continual improvement and completed their accreditation audit to the ISO 45001 (Health and Safety) management system standard simultaneously across their Gloucester, Wales, and Slovakia facilities – just one example of the company’s proactive approach to safety management, reflecting their commitment to the continued health, safety, and well-being of its employees.

The ISO 50001 (Energy) management system standard is planned for 2024/25 and will contribute to their ongoing success and overall business resilience.

The company seeks to push the boundaries of new technologies and invest in their workforce through training programs and the deployment of their degree-level and traditional apprenticeship schemes in areas such as manufacturing engineering, electro-mechanical maintenance, and toolmaking. G-TEM, with the support of local training providers in the Gloucester area since 2007, continues to invest in the next generation.


Darren Wilding, Senior Manager for Business Administration, comments:

Innovation and sustainability have been the cornerstones of our success, culminating in us receiving this prestigious award. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, affirming our commitment to excellence while opening doors to major new business opportunities and thereby securing our future in Gloucestershire.”


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