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Winners’ Dinner Photo Gallery


We recently welcomed the winners of Gloucestershire Business Awards to a celebratory evening at Chargrove House.

The winners of each category gathered in our reception for a welcome drink joined by Rachael Sugden, Senior Editor for the Citizen and Echo newspapers and Gloucestershire Live, Reach PLC, along with Alessandro Galea, from Reach PLC.

Tim Watkins, our Managing Partner, said a few words before moving through to the conference room which had been transformed into a dining room for the evening.

Our partners entertained our 20 guests and treated them to dinner catered by Joanna Parker, a local professional caterer. They were served a supreme of chicken wrapped in Parma ham and stuffed with mozzarella followed by an apple and pear crumble with clotted cream.

Everyone found it an enjoyable evening sharing stories and getting to know each other.

Here is the photo gallery from the night:

Mike Gardiner, EESI Group Services Ltd and Tim Watkins.

Ollie Newbold and Tracey Pope, Protrack Solutions Limited.

Richard Stockdale and Chris Varney from Sanctus Ltd.

Rob Case, Mike Gardiner, EESI Group Services Ltd and Tim Watkins.


Russell Byrd with Rachael Sugden, Reach PLC.

Tim Watkins says a few words before dinner.

Tracey Pope, Protrack Solutions Limited.

Will Abbott with Andrei Muresan, The Coconut Tree Limited.

Jack Griffin, Leeways Packaging Services, Russell Byrd, Rachael Sugden, Reach PLC and Tina Coull, Leeways Packaging Services.

Michael Langford, Haremi Ltd, Alessandro Galea, Reach PLC and Claire Langford.

Alessandro Galea, Reach PLC, Michael Langford, Haremi Ltd and Claire Langford.

Chris Baldwin with Derek Jarman, EESI Group Services Ltd.

Andrei Muresan and Pippy Shepherd of The Coconut Tree Limited with Fiona Hughes.

Derek Jarman and Mike Gardiner, EESI Group Services Ltd.

Enjoying a pre-dinner drink with our guests.

Fiona Hughes, Andrei Muresan and Pippy Shepherd,The Coconut Tree Limited.

Fiona Hughes and Richard Stockdale, Sanctus Ltd.

Edward Buxton and Jo Bartosch, Furniture Recycling Project.

Joanna Wenham and Paul Wenham, Geometric Manufacturing.

Joanna Wenham and Paul Wenham, Geometric Manufacturing with James Geary.

Joanna Parker Caterers main course.

Jo Kline with Claire Ashton.