Photo of business leaders round a table

Business Leaders Group Quarterly Workshop

Four times a year at Randall & Payne, we invite local business leaders to meet, share and grow with each other and gain the skills needed to get their business performing in the way it needs to.

“Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it”

The EPIC Business Leaders workshops are run by myself, Will Abbott, and my Business Advisory Manager, Richard Gray, both experienced business advisors and Mindshop coaches. The workshops provide the opportunity to tackle any growth issues head-on with the support, experience and guidance of other like-minded individuals. We use real-life business scenarios that may arise, and through group discussion and using the correct Mindshop coaching tool, give attendees the skills needed to confidently remove any barriers and implement real change.

Sally Green, Managing Director of Calinnova Ltd, is a regular of the group and speaks highly of the sessions:

“Coming from a long established family business I found the EPIC Business Leaders Group really refreshing. I benefitted greatly from both the interaction with other business leaders, finding I was not alone in many of my challenges, as well as from the presentations and sessions on strategic thinking, planning and goal setting. It was really great to learn techniques which were quick to apply in the workplace. My confidence in leading at work and improved strategic thinking have led to a number of changes for the better”.

The EPIC Business Leaders Group is part of our EPIC business programmes which have been designed to challenge thinking, help develop new perspectives, and hold their participants and their team accountable to their plans in order to deliver real results.

They include four simple steps for success:

  1. Explore: Taking time to explore possibilities is fundamental both to bringing clarity and gaining commitment. Standing back and looking more widely, defining where we are trying to go and eliminating options is the place to start, with an independent perspective on hand.
  2. Prioritise: This step is about understanding where the initial focus needs to be. It may be a combination of quick wins, key challenges and top opportunities and will clarify the three to four strategies where resources will be concentrated, and capabilities built and applied. Sharing with your team ensures everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  3. Implement: Putting the rubber on the road is about holding people accountable for specific actions and ensuring everyone is developing the capability to carry out the two to three tasks that will deliver the desired outcomes. This is about being committed to working on the business and a regular meeting with us ensures that happens.
  4. Confirm: We need to confirm regularly that we are moving towards our goals, respond to new challenges and opportunities, adapt to stay on track, and remain committed to the vision.

The EPIC programmes include an essential mix of one-to-one coaching, peer workshops and online resources, all of which are tailored to individual needs.

The next EPIC Business Leaders workshop takes place here at Chargrove House in Cheltenham on Tuesday 18 September 9am to 1pm, and includes lunch. Access to the workshop is only available for participants of the EPIC business growth programme. However, if you would like to get a taste of the programme, you can attend the workshop – please contact myself or Richard on 01242 776000 or