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Round 2 for Randall & Payne on the Cummings County Quiz


We were invited back to have another attempt at the Cummings County Quiz with Mark Cummings on BBC Radio Gloucestershire this week, bringing with it a myriad of highs and lows throughout the week.

Working in Cheltenham, our quiz team was made up of residents from all over the six districts and also across the border into Worcestershire to help with the “in or out” questions!

This time the quiz was set in a block of four weeks with four teams fighting it out for a trophy. We were the last of the four teams to take part…

Monday 8 July

Our team gathered with the knowledge that we had no idea who the mystery voice was, but the rest of the quiz questions went in our favour so we had a great start with 8 out of 10.

Tuesday 9 July

A very good 9 out of 10 scored today, only getting a question about Dick Whittington wrong. However this turned out to be questionable as one of Mark Cumming’s listeners emailed in with the fact the Dick Whittington was actually Mayor of London four times as the team had said, due to two terms which were served back to back, and not the three times that Mark wanted as the answer.

Wednesday 10 July

Another impressive 8 out of 10 having got the true or false question wrong about Mark Cummings and his hazardous visits to Frampton, but we were in great spirits, especially having the opportunity to sing ‘Shot Gun’ by George Ezra.

Thursday 11 July

An impressive 10 out of 10 today, despite almost losing Jo who was still laughing at our wild card’s joke of the day. Composure was regained and our team’s knowledge of the Gloucestershire landscape from east to west helped us secure the top mark.

Friday 12 July

We felt the pressure of the win and it showed in the score of only 4 out of 10 today. The voice was a nervous start as we weren’t sure, but it turned out our guess was correct. However the questions seemed much harder than the rest of the week and our knowledge of Gloucestershire was unable to stretch to the correct answers.

In the end Newland Homes were the worthy winners with an impressive 43 points, but with a respectable 39 (possibly 40 if you count Dick Whittington!) we were pleased with our score. We all agreed it was worthwhile taking part as, not only is it a fun way to start the day, it was a brilliant way to get to know Gloucestershire better.

You can listen again on the Mark Cummings page on the BBC Radio Gloucestershire section of the BBC website.

Would we do it again – of course, third time lucky!


Mark Cummings tweet about quiz