Shameemah Lalloo


Management Services Technician

Shameemah recently joined the team as a Management Services Technician with over 15 years of financial experience working across a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, education, hospitality and retail, which has given her a great understanding of what it takes to deliver quality service.

Outside of her busy work life she enjoys spending time with her family going on exciting adventures, sewing, baking and making smoothies!

Payroll, and getting it right for our employees is hugely important to us and Randall & Payne’s sleek processes and refreshing professionalism made this happen effortlessly. From the ease of uploading data into the portal to Naomi taking that extra care to call rather than emailing queries, has quickly built up the trust and confidence that we have made the right choice. Also, being all encompassing we can talk to a specialist for the right advice when needed and their repeated professionalism affirms Randall & Payne’s commitment to excellent client service.

Natalie Little, Commercial Director