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Secure two-way document exchange for accountants and clients


Emails are an effective means of communication, however, they’re an insecure method of sharing files. Email accounts are frequently compromised and are therefore not a safe platform for sending and receiving documents.

When exchanging information about your accounts and your business, security is paramount. Our client portal uses IRIS OpenSpace, an online platform specifically designed for accountants and clients to collaborate. All files are encrypted using SSL and AES technologies, ensuring total security.

This portal enables secure two-way document exchange, so it can be used for your contact at Randall & Payne to send you files for approval, but it is also a secure way for you to upload documents to us too. It also allows the electronic signing of documents, expediting many processes.

With emails posing an increasing security risk and GDPR regulations, it is important to upgrade to our client portal if you don’t already use IRIS OpenSpace.

You can register in 4 simple steps:

  1. Let your usual contact know that you would like to be set  up on IRIS OpenSpace
  2. Click on the link in an email from IRIS OpenSpace originated by Randall & Payne and create your account
  3. Create a password for your account
  4. Start using your account – you can now securely exchange documents with your accountant

If you need them, more detailed instructions with images are available for you to download here.

You should find it is straight forward to use, however we have instructions regarding how to view and use a document in IRIS OpenSpace available to download here.

Finally, a full list of FAQs for IRIS OpenSpace can be downloaded here.

You can access IRIS OpenSpace from the Client Login page of our website or by saving it to your browser.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact your usual contact by email or call 01242 77600 and they will be asked to call you back.