Business Advisory goes global

With increasing digitisation and automation threatening traditional income streams and forcing firms to think outside the box, change is becoming inevitable. So, if things need to change, it is essential for you and your team to be able to access the help needed to make those changes, as quickly and as easily as possible.

With this in mind, we have embraced technological advances to allow us to deliver coaching in real time, to large numbers of people, anywhere in the world. This means that our advice and experience can be readily and widely accessed and every day our business coaches are helping owners and managers focus on three core needs:

  1. A clear plan
  2. Efficient processes
  3. Capable people

This approach was the reason why two of our coaches boarded a plane to Michigan to visit a small business unit of a large corporate to deliver a two-day workshop launching a three-month virtual coaching programme for senior managers. This particular workshop was focused primarily on people issues (the planning and processes having largely already been addressed) and used a blend of Everything DiSC, Motivational Maps and practical problem solving skills to help identify issues and develop solutions. This mix of learning and application culminated in a one page plan for each delegate addressing their own key issues in their teams.

The follow-up coaching will continue to embed the learning and, most importantly, support individuals to overcome barriers to implementing their one page plans as they arise. This will be delivered from our office in Cheltenham using a cloud based coaching approach.

The trip to the US to deliver the initial workshop was inspiring and this particular group of managers were highly engaged and open to the learning. The group have embraced the follow-on coaching, having reached out for help on a number of occasions, and are already reporting back good progress with plans.

At Randall & Payne we have been investing in new services and looking for ways to tap into the wealth of knowledge within the firm that comes from 139 years of working with businesses. The needs of those businesses have not really changed in that time, but the ways in which help and support is accessed and delivered has and will. One of the new challenges being faced by business owners and managers is the amount of data available and the noise that it creates. Understanding and interpreting the data is important but the actions and implementation that follow are the real key to achieving business and personal goals. A positive of real time data is that it allows you to see a problem more quickly that is a valuable opportunity only if you tackle the issue more quickly.

If the data is telling you things need to change, our coaches are able to make a real impact by giving people access to advice and support as readily as they can access the data and see the problem. By these means we are able to help people to:

These are fundamental elements of our ongoing services for our business clients.

If you would like to know more, speak to Will Abbott on 01242 776000, drop a line to, or stop by at Chargrove House for a chat over a coffee.