The rubber band and the secret to business success by Gail-Ross Wham and Dr Gerry Russell, Business in Mind

The humble “rubber band” is so important to your business and we don’t mean for organising papers! Those unassuming desk accessories have a lot to teach us about resilience.

Not only do rubber bands have the flexibility to undergo strain and spring back to shape, but they can also snap under repeated pressure and hurt our fingers! There’s a lesson to be learnt here: never assume one’s own flexibility is endless. Resilience has to be maintained.Business in Mind believe resilience is about sustaining individual and collective wellbeing so we can withstand daily frustrations and challenges and adapt to change. As we all know, things rarely stay static in the business environment and it is of enormous benefit to work with people who remain calm, focused and optimistic and capable of finding innovative solutions.We believe the success of any business is only as good as the people and relationships within it, whether this is with colleagues or customers. Our training intervention programmes, powered by mindful techniques and neuroscience, target key performance issues such as stress, focus, fatigue, motivation, communication and work-life balance.By equipping people with core skills to reduce stress and improve self-awareness and outlook, the effect on team cohesion, morale and workplace culture can be transformative. Building resilience not only benefits individuals, it significantly improves organisational effectiveness and productivity.Managers skilled in these techniques are calmer under pressure and more able to connect and inspire employees, positively impacting wellbeing and performance.So next time you feel challenged, try this little tip to spring back to shape. Stop. If possible, shut your eyes. Focus only on your breath as you inhale and exhale for a few deep breaths. Notice your reaction to the current situation and feel the emotion that is surfacing. Try to name which type of emotion it is. This simple action helps to step back and gain perspective. Return your attention to the issue at hand and you will find you are far clearer on how to deal with it.For more information visit