Making the change stick

Whether the year-end profits are better, or worse, than expected, we should always take time to reflect on the previous year, separate what worked from what didn’t and consider what needs to change.

There will always be issues to be tackled in business including profitability, growth, processes, people, customers and innovation. One common thread in all this is the ability to introduce and sustain change – if it is not working it needs to change.

Our “Change Success” model identifies the ten factors out of hundreds that have the greatest impact. Broadly they are a mix of readiness, capability and beliefs.

Change Success diagram

One of my EPIC Business Performance Workshops specifically looked at how change fatigue can impact on the successful implementation of your vision for the business (and personally). Our experience of working with clients has also taught us the power of habit and the importance of adopting new habits to ensure success. This is the reason we promote 90-day cycles to tackle issues.

It is an ideal period of time to identify the solution, develop the plan and embed the new habits necessary to make the change stick.

What we need to accept is that our habits are powerful, the vast majority of what we do is unconscious and our intentions count for very little when it comes to implementation.

The 90-day cycle addresses these fundamental issues by holding you accountable to agreed actions and helping to ensure that those new, beneficial habits become embedded and a key issue is fixed. At this point the cycle can start again and a new issue is addressed, driving continuous improvement for a sustained period of time.

Imagine the impact on your business and your goals if your teams were working successfully to solve multiple issues every 90 days – surely success would be guaranteed?

Working with our clients, at regular meetings and in our EPIC workshops, firstly we identify what needs to change and then we apply the 90-day change process:

90 day change process diagram

Once we have reflected on the year, it is key to put a change process in place as we will invariably be pulled back into the day-to-day running of the business. We risk reverting to doing what we have always done and getting the same results. The 90-day change process will prevent this and, most importantly, will make this change stick.

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