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Moving over to Xero can feel life changing for some clients

When I introduce clients to Xero and its many tools, I am always pleased with their enthusiasm and seeing them play around with the various features.

It is very satisfying having that first meeting with a client once they have moved over to Xero and have had some time to see what it can do, bringing their own data to life. They discover first-hand how easy it is to use and have a much clearer picture of their finances, which in turn helps with their decision making.

There are many cloud-based accountancy packages out there, but do they all really make a difference. Here are some of the reasons why, in my experience, Xero stands out from the rest:

  • Improved cash flow. Chasing & collecting cash is quick and easy. Statements sent out automatically with automated follow-up.
  • Margins can be compared month by month so you can react in a timely way rather than waiting 6 to 12 months and not having the time to imbed change.
  • Plan for the future based on where you really are now.
  • Identify monthly trends, when there will be highs and maybe lows.
  • Know what ‘£s’ are in the bank today with ‘£s’ left to you and ‘£’s owing to creditors – realising your actual cash in the bank, so you decide what you need, or would like to use this surplus for. For example, replace a vehicle that keeps breaking down, invest training for your team, putting more in your pension.
  • The admin time saved is massive, enabling you to work smarter, freeing up your bookkeepers time for other duties.
  • Easy access to the figures e.g., on the train, and if you like to be in control, whilst on holiday!
  • Payroll can be run through Xero.

Xero is a reasonable priced piece of software and there is only a small monthly subscription, which if used properly be would easily be covered by the efficiencies saved above.

There is no doubt it is value for money, easy to navigate and gives you total peace of mind that your business is in good shape. Considering the benefits it brings to your business, I personally can’t understand why anyone who owns a business wouldn’t invest in Xero, or another cloud-based software. But don’t just take my word for it:


Many thanks to Shaun for encouraging us to move to Xero – the clarity and accessibility provided by this software has saved us time and enabled the business to make key decisions with confidence.

The transition over to Xero was seamless thanks to Alex’s advice, training and support. Navigating the software is intuitive and in just a few clicks I can have a real-time picture of our finances either via the App or a web browser.

The service we received from Randall & Payne in taking the time to listen; understand our concerns and offering solutions through the change process exceeded our expectations.”

Mark Donaldson, Director

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