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Payroll bureau moves to online portal


We can now access an entire library of books, music, or films from our smartphones, so being able to check payroll information online is becoming an expectation from today’s employee.

Meet the Payroll team – Naomi Hickman and Maryann Hunter, who have the extremely important job of ensuring all our Payroll clients’ employees are paid correctly and on time each month.

Data security is of paramount importance and is one of the many reasons that we have moved our payroll bureau to the Sage Payroll online portal as of the April payroll.

Payroll bureaus are legally obliged to protect payroll information on behalf of their clients so we must:

  • Only collect information we need for the specific purpose of completing the payroll on behalf of our clients.
  • Keep client and employee payroll information safe and secure.
  • Ensure client data is relevant and up-to-date for the purpose of processing the payroll.
  • Only hold the information we need and for as long as we need it to manage the payroll.
  • Allow clients or their employees to view their personal information that is kept upon request.

As we move to the online portal some of the benefits to both employers and employees include:

  • GDPR compliance and improved security of personal data.
  • 24/7 employee access to payslips from any device in a safe and secure environment via the online portal or email.
  • Payslips, P60s and even contracts – stored in one place.
  • E-payslips provide an opportunity to feature bespoke explanations to common queries from employees.

Contact Rob Stokes for more information by emailing or call 01242 776000.

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