Spotlight on R&D Tax Relief for the marketing sector

Since James Geary joined Randall & Payne in August 2014, our clients have saved over £7 million in tax from R&D Tax Relief. Here James describes the ever growing need for development in digital marketing activities which qualify for tax relief.

With more and more marketing activity moving to online and social media, the marketing sector is considerably more IT based than it has been historically. Constant innovation and creative design is crucial in terms of data security and protection, search engine optimisation and targeting marketing campaigns.

Many of our clients have evolved from being web designers to building much more complex websites which integrate with their customers’ IT systems, provide interactive portals for the end customer, and virtually every site they design has different parameters it needs to meet. A considerable number of projects they undertake therefore fit the criteria for R&D Tax Relief.

We were referred to a digital marketing and web development business in Tewkesbury two years ago that employs two dedicated developers, with more limited support from around four other managers and directors. Their last approved annual claim achieved a tax credit of over £50,000 for the company.

James is Head of Corporate Tax at Randall & Payne, and has a particular focus on R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box and Capital Allowances.

Key to the way James operates is a collaborative and adaptable approach to projects, both when working with clients but also when working with other firms to help their clients with R&D claims. This approach has won a lot of support locally, and the firm now benefits from a considerable number of referrals from other accounting firms that do not themselves have R&D Tax Relief as a specialism.

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