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Thinking of selling your business?

The ultimate aim of every serious businessperson is to build a company that has value, so that it can be sold or transferred, allowing the entrepreneur to exit gracefully and profitably.

Recently, we have been helping a number of our entrepreneur clients develop exit strategies. There are many issues to consider:

  • When do you want to retire?
  • Do you consider yourself to be in a position to embrace the lifestyle changes after exiting your business?
  • Are you aware of your exit options?
  • Do you know the current value of your business?
  • Do you know what your retirement requirements will be? If so, is there a gap between the current value and the aspired value?
  • Have you considered whether investment is required now in order to achieve the aspired value?
  • What other resources are required to enhance the value of the business?
  • Has a clear plan with timescales attached been prepared that addresses the improvement requirements?
  • Do you want/need to stay on after the sale or transfer?
  • Have you got a robust second tier management team?
  • Have you considered the tax consequences?

We have a tried and tested methodology to address these issues and to help you prepare your business for sale, find potential buyers and help you negotiate to get the maximum price. If you would like to discuss your personal exit plans, we would be happy to do so with you — please call us!

Contact Ollie Newbold or a member of his team for more information by emailing or call 01242 776000.