Gloucestershire Live Innovation Award 2022 | Headline sponsor Randall & Payne | Winner: Protrack Solutions Ltd
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Award recognition twice over for Protrack’s ongoing commitment to innovation

Protrack thrive on innovation and technology and deserve to be recognised for their many achievements in this area. They won the Innovation Award in 2022 for their commitment to innovation, following their previous win in 2019.

We find out more about the business and the projects which they have been working on.

Who are Protrack?

  • Gloucestershire based family run business run by Kevin Pope.
  • Established in 2010 as a vehicle tracking company.
  • Support local businesses with their multi award winning fleet management system, company fleet compliance and job scheduling solution all under one software platform called OCS (One Core Software).
  • Awarded several patents over the past 5 years and have been awarded numerous smart grants for their innovation from the government body Innovate UK.

BioStart – biometric driver identification and anti-theft device

Protrack are set in 2022-23 to double their turnover with pre-orders for BioStart, a world beating game changing piece of innovation, which allows a back office to record, encrypt and send a fingerprint to a vehicle so that the authorised user may drive it.

Currently working in partnership with Thatcham, BioStart is set to be the first biometric driver identification and anti-theft device to receive Thatcham approval and insurance underwriting status.

Protrack have gained massive interest from the insurance industry and are in negotiations with all major underwriters about bursaries to pay for the product to be installed and reducing insurance premiums. A monthly subscription basis will be taken by Protrack for each device which provides full telematics and driver identification.

Their platform uses ‘What 3 Words’ so that in the event of a road accident the BioStart system automatically raises an alert showing the exact location of the incident with a severity reading. The call centre can call the driver through the BioStart system to provide support or alert the emergency services, thus potentially saving lives.

Protrack are well under way working in conjunction with the European Innovation Council (EIC) on further funding for the next stage, BioStart Premium.

Business and Home Utilities

Another project that they are working on is an affordable small device that can be retro fitted to a home or business fuse box so that in the event of a trip, the owner would be notified of what has tripped, when it happened, and which device is no longer operational. The device will have a sim card and a rechargeable battery back up in the event of a total power cut. The app can record stop tap location info, Utility providers information, a document store for warranties, insurance documents and home policies such as Home Serve docs, vehicle insurance and breakdown assistance information.

This technology can also be used for families and businesses to record images of rooms and personal valuables for insurance purposes in case of the unlikely event of a fire. The app alerts when such policies are coming to an end and again when expired. The app accounts can be switched between users if buying or selling a property so that the new purchaser understands who the utility suppliers are, boiler info and the fuse board operations. A patent has been applied for and this product is due for release in early 2023.

Protrack and the Business community remembers…

FD – Tracey Pope (brother of Kevin) fondly known as a “gentle giant” and a “true gentleman” by all who knew him, was heavily involved in operations and integral to the day to day running of the business, sadly passed away on 3 January 2023 suddenly and is dearly missed by not just Protrack staff but also by the local business community.

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