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Guess what? No one cares about your Elevator Pitch…

Do you feel truly connected to other human beings within your working world? Unfortunately, in our business worlds, being disconnected can end up being the default and work life becomes an endless sea of transactions. It needn’t be that way. WorkStory networking was created with this in mind. To reconnect us through the innate power of Story Telling.

Ryan Hogarty, Partner at Red Kite Law is our Guest Author in the Winter issue of In Focus.

I think deep down we feel uneasy about elevator pitches. You know that “icky” feeling you get when you go beyond sharing what you do and who you work for, into the dreaded no-man’s land of personal/professional sharing.

Red Kite is a fairly new player in the legal arena in Gloucestershire and when we were thinking of setting up a new networking group in the county, this “icky” feeling came back to me again.

But do you know what we all love. I mean really love. A good story!

So, we set out to set up a monthly WorkStory meeting that is centred around Story Telling. We invite speakers from all walks of life to share their stories. These stories are interspersed with story starters which are story prompts for our attendees to engage with the story theme.

These themes are Leadership, Diversity Inclusion and Equality, and Sustainability. It is intended that the speakers we choose have a story to tell around these themes that provoke and inspire us to some type of change.

It goes without saying that our leadership, workplaces, and planet are in dire need of change. It’s not “business as usual” and we need a method to be able to bring this change and fast. Story telling is that method.

A byproduct of this engagement for our attendees, is that they can continue to tell their own business stories more effectively, to allow more meaningful and longer-lasting connections. Because that is where business is ultimately done.

Why don’t you join us?

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WorkStory is an event that is hosted by Red Kite Law LLP and other partners (we are really open to this being a shared event capable of growth and expansion and we currently have a partnership with The Human Business.

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Julie Kent speaking about Emily's Gift at a WorkStory event