Mental Health Awareness Week collage of activities at Randall & Payne

Taking care of our mental health and wellbeing at Randall & Payne

At Randall & Payne we are dedicated to supporting staff wellness so with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, 9-15 May 2022, we have reminded our team to look after their mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity for schools, businesses, and individuals to come together and tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to support and encourage people to seek advice and resources in their community, and foster a sense of connection.

Randall & Payne partner with LifeWorks, a programme that can help with almost anything, ranging from questions about handling stress, maintaining relationships, challenges at work, parenting and childcare, managing money, caring for an older relative, or health issues like losing weight or giving up smoking. Our staff can use LifeWorks for confidential information and support.

We also have trained mental health first aiders at the firm should they be needed for a simple chat or a moment of crisis. Mental health problems are widespread in the UK and the theme from the Mental Health Foundation this year is ‘loneliness’ with the aim to focus on strengthening health and wellbeing through connection. The pandemic was a stark reminder of how isolation can affect not only our physical health, but our mental health too. Research says that ‘emotional loneliness’ can have a negative effect on your health and life expectancy.

There are many things we encourage our team to get involved with to take a break from their screens during work hours and to socialise with colleagues. It is more of a challenge with hybrid working but when in the office, most days a group go for a quick walk down the nearby country lane with fields of sheep on either side, whilst others play table tennis, or eat their lunch in the café area or outside on the benches if the weather permits.

Last night we enjoyed a team social over the road at the Hatherley & Reddings Cricket Club with a game of rounders and a BBQ which provided a great opportunity to get to know different colleagues. It’s just for fun but tends to get a little competitive.

We asked some of the team what they do to unwind after their working day…

  • In the summer months, Tim likes to get out into the garden after work to water the plants and do some gardening.
  • Will finds a long bike ride is the best way to relax, and is currently taking part in the cycle challenge to raise money for Maggie’s in Cheltenham.
  • Kate is doing a paddle boarding course so spends an evening each week on the river. This is part of our staff initiative to ‘Do something new for 2022’.
  • Nikki enjoys walking the dog – sometimes with a visit to a local pub!
  • Rob likes to switch off by getting out for a run either from the office at lunch time in the evening in and around the Stroud area.

Personally, football is my outlet – be it a training session, playing in a match or watching football on television. Whatever it is we like to do, it is important to take time to look after our mental health and wellbeing.

Mel Devereux takes care of our HR systems and processes – for further information about LifeWorks give her a call on 01242 776000 or email