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Randall And Payne Accountants Cheltenham Zero Waste To Landfill Achievement

We have recently received our annual Zero to Landfill Certificate from Printwaste, our recycling partner, and are pleased to announce our recycling efforts have generated enough energy to make cups of tea and coffee to invite the whole of Cheltenham district and most of Stroud for a cuppa!

Zero waste to landfill is where no waste streams go to landfill. Instead, materials are diverted to other uses, for example:

  • Cardboard goes to paper mills
  • Glass goes to be re-melted
  • Plastic goes to be made into new packaging
  • Food waste goes to composting

Waste which cannot be re-used or recycled is recovered via methods such as energy from waste, incineration, plasmosis and gasification. Waste-to-Energy is the last option and Printwaste aim to recycle and confidential destroy as much as they possibly can. Waste-to-Energy is the service that has enabled them to offer a complete waste management package that diverts 100% of materials away from landfill.

This year, our annual Zero to Landfill Achievement certificate states that 3.57 tonnes of general waste over the past year following an energy-to-waste route has generated enough energy to boil 22,321.5 kettles, making 178,500 cups of tea or coffee!

Randall & Payne Accountants Cheltenham annual zero waste to landfill certificate July 2018

















The way Printwaste calculate the results of our recycled waste helps us to understand how our efforts are making a difference and supporting the environment. Our annual certificate illustrating our Zero to Landfill achievements in this way goes to show that with the correct partner and a small change to the way we get rid our rubbish we can make a significant difference to our environment. Printwaste’s Waste Management Service really is something we would encourage all business to engage with as it does help us all make a real change, for very little effort.

The diagram below explains the process in more detail:

Printwaste's diagram to show the zero to landfill process to create energy from Randall & Payne's waste

For more information contact Printwaste on 01424 588600 or email