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Providing Assurance with ISO Certification

We’re delighted to be supporting Randall & Payne as they become industry leaders in the implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, helping them to reduce their environmental impact.

Guest author: Stacey Humm, Business Development Specialist at ISO QSL.

Stacey Humm, ISO QSL Guest author for In Focus issue 23 | Randall & Payne

ISO Certification is becoming more relevant to the professional services sector than ever before as the demand for assurance rises from both customers and insurers.

ISO Certification provides proof that your business complies with one of the internationally recognised Management Standards which provide a framework for best practice. Despite their popularity worldwide, the professional service sectors often underestimate the range of benefits that Certification can bring. For the few that have embraced it, ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security are the popular choices, but Randall & Payne are leading the way with ISO 14001.

Interest in the environment is growing and this has been fuelled by COP26. As more customers question their suppliers’ green credentials, Randall & Payne will certainly stand out from the crowd with their ISO 14001 certification. But this is just one of customers’ many considerations. They also want confidence in the service they’ll receive and how their data is handled, something ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 can provide.

And it’s not just customers who are asking for assurance, insurers are too. The insurance market has become increasingly challenging with many businesses, particularly in the professional services sector, facing rate increases or struggling to get insurance at all. As ISO Certification helps you assess and manage your risks, it gives insurers more confidence in your business, helping to reduce your insurance premiums.

Each Standard will bring its own advantages to your business but common benefits across all Standards include improved efficiency, widened market potential including the ability to tender and customer reassurance. If you’re interested in ISO Certification, ISO 9001 Quality Management is a great place to start to get the key foundations in place.

ISO QSL specialise in helping SMEs grow through the implementation and management of ISO Standards, including consultancy and training services.

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