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Dispelling the myths with communication


There are often many misconceptions and stereotypes around accountants and the service they provide which can easily be dispelled with effective communication.

At Randall & Payne we ensure our contact with our clients is timely, manageable and transparent. Communication is the key so that they can have the confidence to continue with their business, safe in the knowledge that we have all things compliance covered.

We do remain mindful of the myths as we know many people still apply them when they think of accountancy services:

MYTH #1: Too time consuming

We pride ourselves in doing as much of the legwork as possible for you, so that you can carry on running your business and doing what you do best. With the introduction of cloud based and accounting apps we can easily access the information we need to make sure the accounts we file for you are impeccable and submitted in a timely manner.

MYTH #2: Only contact with the client is at the annual compliance meeting

We offer meetings to suit the clients. Some people are happy to have the annual compliance meeting, whilst others prefer them quarterly to go through Management Information. We scope our delivery around you and this can always be reviewed as the business changes.

MYTH #3: There’s no benefit to changing accountant as they all work the same way

When I meet potential clients, their expectations of service can sometimes be low so they often don’t see a benefit to starting a conversation with someone new. Generally, their thinking is that it’s easier to continue with what they know, or that once they have met with us, they would be committed to working with us. After attending one of our no-obligation fact finding meetings, new contacts often leave feeling energized and positive about the future.

MYTH #4: Wrong size business

We work with all sizes of business – I was surprised by a new client who didn’t think they were the right size to work with us!


We hold advice clinics which allow me to meet with you and have an open and honest conversation about your business, and about the vision for where you want to be in the future, whether that is shorter or longer term. I will show you how we can work together to help you achieve this. Our advice clinics are free for you to start the communication about how we can make your success our priority.

To start a conversation about where you want your business to be contact Shaun Pegler by emailing or call 01242 776000 and request a call back.