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Help to predict your cash flow in volatile times


Cash flow planning is essential at the best of times, now more than ever – it is vital to the survival of your business. Understanding your cash flow will help you see if you’re going to run out of money – and when – so you can do something about it ahead of time.

Your cash flow forecast may show you that you need to cut overheads, find new investment, or spend time driving more sales.

On the other hand your business might be doing well, and you’re considering diversifying into new products or markets, moving to bigger premises, or recruiting new staff, and an accurate cash flow projection will help you see if your business is ready to take the leap.

It’s more challenging to predict your cash flow if you are a start-up, but even long-established businesses with a predictable pipeline and lots of data from previous years who are used to predicting their cash flow, may be struggling 12 weeks after lockdown.

Cash flow planning can cover anything from a few weeks to many months or even years. Our cash flow modelling allows us to prepare multiple scenarios, allowing you to consider the impact of different events in your market, update rolling forecasts as actual figures are reported and take action when actual figures differ from the original forecasts.

We can easily prepare forecasts based on historic performance and highlight the impact of specific actions, such as reducing stock or amounts owed by customers. All this will give you a robust forward visibility of how your actions will impact your cash flow, make informed decisions and allow you to gain a powerful advantage over your competitors.


Don’t just take our word for it:

“Randall & Payne produced cash flow forecasts based on our accounts and projected income that were used by the bank to approve a business loan. This will enable us to add to our portfolio of properties within the company and expand the services we can offer. A big thanks to Will and the team.”

Dr Liam Gilby, Chief Financial Officer – D & L Support Ltd

“It was brilliant going through the forecasts with you yesterday. You made things simple to follow and discussing the 3-4 key areas without getting bogged down in detail was really helpful. I came away with a much better understanding of the way forward and a clear idea of where we need to focus in order to beat the forecasts.  Thank you so much!”

Laura Roberts, General Manager – WHC Hire Services Ltd


Contact Will if you would like help with cash flow planning which includes modelling multiple scenarios to enable you plan ahead. Will Abbott is an award winning business coach and Mindshop Expert– get in touch on or call 01242 776000 to request a call back.