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At Randall & Payne, our aim for business coaching is simple – to help you win at business.

EPIC Business Coaching Programme

The EPIC programme is designed for both SMEs and Corporates. To us the journey is simple – enhancing performance improves profit, generates cash to invest and drive growth, maximising value and ultimately creating multiple options for your exit.

What it is

We’ve designed our EPIC business programmes to challenge your thinking, help you develop new perspectives, and hold you and your team accountable to your plans in order to deliver real results.

Whether you join one of our cohort of business leaders’ or need a bespoke coaching programme, they include four simple steps for success.

  1. Explore: Taking time to explore possibilities is fundamental both to bringing clarity and gaining commitment. Standing back and looking more widely, defining where we are trying to go and eliminating options is the place to start, with an independent perspective on hand.
  2. Prioritise: This step is about understanding where the initial focus needs to be. It may be a combination of quick wins, key challenges and top opportunities and will clarify the three to four strategies where resources will be concentrated, and capabilities built and applied. Sharing with your team ensures everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  3. Implement: Putting the rubber on the road is about holding people accountable for specific actions and ensuring everyone is developing the capability to carry out the two to three tasks that will deliver the desired outcomes. This is about being committed to working on the business and a regular meeting with us ensures that happens.
  4. Confirm: We need to confirm regularly that we are moving towards our goals, respond to new challenges and opportunities, adapt to stay on track, and remain committed to the vision.

How it works

Our EPIC programmes include an essential mix of one-to-one coaching, peer workshops and online resources, all of which are tailored to your individual needs.

We know you’re busy, so our methods make the most of your time, leaving you better equipped to focus on improving your business.

Day 1:  We will address your immediate priorities and identify some quick wins whilst producing an initial 90-day action plan.

Days 2-90: We will work on your business plan, personal plan and financial plan and create the 12 month strategy plan with focus on the next 90-day action plan.

Days 90+: Coaching will continue via the online portal, with monthly progress checks, quarterly peer to peer workshops and review.

Review the following sections to understand if there is an area in which we can help you to improve:

Whatever you can achieve on your own, you can do much more with a strong team to support you. We work with a wide range of businesses, including owner-managed, family businesses, SME’s and Corporates to tackle profit, growth, and people issues that are key to unlocking potential.

If you need guidance to meet your business goals, call us today to find out how we can get you on the right track.


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