Business continuity advice for COVID-19

By Randall Payne



Make the most of our services and contact us for free advice – we can help you to understand the situation for you and your business.

  • Use us as a sounding board
  • You need to make quick but robust decisions to ensure the longevity of your business
  • Think about asking for additional financing facilities early on – we know already that lenders are overrun with applications
  • Understand the income streams of your business.  Is all of the business at risk or just parts of it?  What does this mean in terms of planning and resource?
  • Consider skills in the long term – when things return to normal you don’t want to be hampered by having little or no staff
  • Plan for a year, then you may get an upside
  • Do not commit to costs you no longer need
  • Consider the immediate period when things are resolved. Can you use this as an opportunity to grow rapidly/acquire? How can you ensure you have the structure to deal with this?

We are updating our News pages daily with useful information and advice, including a summary of the Government’s package of support to date.

Contact us on 01242 77600 or send a message using our contact form – your call will be answered within working hours and due to our staff remote working, the relevant advisor will be asked to call you back .

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